Senior Primary Students’ Learning Focus

Feedback note to Teachers  The Mary Glowrey Museum invites teachers to submit student submissions of writing, artwork and reflections on your visit for consideration for our website and social media. We also welcome feedback from staff  following visits.
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To provide students with an experience that may capture their attention, stimulate their curiosity and provide insight into:
1. the life and legacy of Mary Glowrey
2. Catholic heritage, community and beliefs (past, present). 

What will we ask the students to do during their visit? 
Explore, observe, identify, share, ask questions, evaluate, make connections

Key Questions: 
Pre visit:

  • What do we currently know about Mary Glowrey?
  • Why might a Museum be developed to share her life story?

Who was Mary Glowrey?  

What questions do we have about Mary Glowrey?
What don’t we know? How can we find out?
What can we do to make the most of our opportunity when visiting the museum? 
What is a mission? A missionary? A saint?

Share student and staff questions/wonderings with Museum staff (up to two days before your visit). 

Tuning in: contact the Museum for information about our digital Tuning In session.


During the Museum visit:

Led by Museum staff, a chance to engage in the story of Mary Glowrey in an inquiry-based setting.
Wonderings from classes will be incorporated into the presentation.

Post visit: (Reflection - making connections)

  • How would you describe Mary Glowrey to someone who had never heard of her?
  • Give an example of a story, photo or artifact through which you learnt something about Mary Glowrey’s life, and what you learnt.
  • For those making the sacrament of Confirmation: which Gifts of the Spirit do you see in Mary Glowrey’s life story?

Making Connections in your community 

  • Can you see any similarities or connections between your school’s values or Vision and Mission and the principles that guided Mary Glowrey’s life?
  • In what ways do you think Mary was a leader? Compare what you know about her life story with that of other community leaders.
  • Choose a person who had a positive effect on Mary Glowrey’s life. Describe them and their role in her life. Can you describe someone in your own life who has enabled you to do something? 
  • Confirmation: how might Mary Glowrey’s experience of Confirmation have differed from yours?  

Suggested Activities Post Visit: 

  • Make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Mary Glowrey with another  person who dedicated their life to God. 
  • Mary Glowrey is a Servant of God. Research and prepare an information report on any other Australians who have also been called a Servant of God. What do they have in common with Mary Glowrey? What is unique? Don't forget to list your sources of information.
  • Record an interview with a classmate about their learning and reflections on Mary Glowrey. Include sources of information.
  • Make a timeline showing key events in Mary Glowrey’s life and other historical events in Australia and India.
  • Make a mindmap of Mary Glowrey's life using words and diagrams to show different key aspects.
  • Confirmation: make a mindmap showing Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit and examples from Mary Glowrey’s life.



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