Visiting the museum

The Mary Glowrey Museum features Mary Glowrey's story and legacy, illustrated by selections from her correspondence with family and friends in Australia and other sources. It includes audio-visual and interactive experiences. It is situated in the building used by the Catholic Women’s Social Guild in 1916. 

The Museum is open by appointment in 2024 for groups of up to 28, and subject to public health requirements. 

Senior Primary and Secondary school student presentations
Inquiry based sessions are tailored to suit the students' level, school and curriculum focus.
Contact us to discuss session times and duration.
Cost for student group presentations and tours: $10 per head (minimum $250 for each session).

Primary Resource to support visit

Secondary Resource to support visit

Staff presentations
Mary Glowrey Museum offers schools the opportunity to have their staff reflect on the inspiring life of Dr Sr Mary Glowrey in the context of the school’s mission statement, curriculum focus and themes such as Catholic Identity. Suggested session duration: one and a half hours. Contact us to discuss school professional learning requirements and schedules. 

General public
Visitors are welcome to view the museum exhibits. The Mary Glowrey Museum also offers small group tours and presentations about Mary Glowrey's life. Booking is required. Cost: $10 per head.

Phone: 9416 4674

The Mary Glowrey Museum is on Level 2 of Cathedral Hall, up two short flights of stairs.
Please note that the Cathedral Hall lift is currently unavailable.
We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

The museum is easy to access by public transport.
Visit Public Transport Victoria at



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