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'It is rare that we are able to get a first-hand glimpse into the life of someone who has dedicated themselves to God in humble and quiet ways. Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ would have been the last person to offer her writings and belongings for people to preserve and study. Yet how graced we are to have been given the opportunity to build and care for a Collection that documents such significant moments in Mary’s vocational journey – a witness to a life lived in God’s name, caring for the most vulnerable and forgotten in ways that are hard for us to imagine today. The significance of such a Collection, and the legacy it inspires, deserves our ongoing care and preservation so that Mary’s story remains alive for generations to come.’

Most Rev Peter A. Comensoli
Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne

'The Mary Glowrey Collection, owned by the Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga, is unique and historically valuable. It is made up of donations from Mary’s immediate and extended family, and from the Sisters of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph, the latter being the original instigators of Mary’s Cause for sainthood. Many items will also become relics if Mary is canonised. The Museum about Mary Glowrey, opened by the League, deserves every encouragement to guard and preserve the Mary Glowrey Collection.'

Rachel Naughton
Archivist and Museum Manager
Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne



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The Mary Glowrey Circle
  • was established in response to the growing interest in Mary Glowrey’s life and legacy
  • enables ongoing care and research into the Mary Glowrey Collection and a more detailed understanding of Mary Glowrey’s life
  • enhances the offerings of the Museum and its educational programs; and
  • lays the foundations for further publications and greater Collection accessibility.
The Mary Glowrey Collection 

Letters, photographs and curios are among the items in the Mary Glowrey Collection, an archive that documents the life and legacy of Mary Glowrey, as well as aspects of the history of the Victorian Catholic Church and wider community. The Collection also provides insight into the mind and disposition of only the second Australian (out of three) to be considered for canonisation. It has been assessed as having remarkable provenance and being of local, national and international significance.